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Nearly a century of providing uncompromising and trusted equipment solutions
It takes a certain kind of person to succeed in this businessthe kind born with an innate drive and an inability to quit. The kind brave enough to bet on themselves to overcome every challenge. You are those people. And so are we. At Chadwick-BaRoss, we offer the equipment solutions that fuel the people of our industry. We work to provide you with the tools, insights, and support to blaze your own trail, move any mountain, and go further than anyone has before. We work to make you unstoppable.
Our Legacy
For nearly 100 years, we’ve helped reshape New England. We’ve had a hand in building the roads, cities, and even businesses at the heart of our communities. Our mission is to always keep pace with the industry and rise to meet the challenges of tomorrow with agility and integrity. By sharing the knowledge we’ve accumulated, we strive to build open, honest, and respectful relationships, so we can build one another into something bigger and better than we were yesterday.

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Nearly a Century In Business
The Chadwick-BaRoss Difference
After nearly 100 years in this industry, we know that anything can change, and how to use that to your advantage.
With innovation and determination, we are committed to driving your business and our industry into the future.
We are constantly learning to stay on top of the latest advances in both equipment and business practices.
From start to finish, we remain by your side as you drive your business into your vision for the future.
By moving quickly, thinking ahead, and looking forward, we will move mountains to get you the solutions you need.
With GMs available in every one of our locations, our doors are always open to provide you with sound advice.