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Please note that this article is intended to provide general information only about commercial roofing systems and is not a substitute for professional advice from a roofing contractor, architect, or other specifiers with respect to any particular roofing project.
When you speak with roofing contractors about a new flat roof, you may find that they have vastly different opinions about which roof attachment system is best. There are two main ways that a roofer may secure a single-ply roofing material to the rest of the roof: mechanically attached and fully adhered. While mechanically fastened roofs are more common, those contractors who swear by fully adhered roofs also have their reasons. So, which is the right choice for your commercial roof? Your building’s structure, current roofing system, environment, and budget should all play a part in your decision. Considering these factors and comparing the various opinions of roofers can be a challenge, but the comparison we offer below can help. Learn about what each attachment option entails, its cost, and when it should be chosen.

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